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The Simple-X Test - Climb5.13

About The Test

The 7 Pillars

The Simple-X test is based on 7 pillars that all play key roles in our climbing – Finger Strength, Body Tension & Core Strength, Shoulder Stability, Pulling Power, Leg Strength & Stability, Flexibility & Cardio. By testing each pillar individually we can isolate and identify your strengths & weaknesses allowing you to train smarter and ultimately climb harder!


It is important to note that the test can be physically demanding at times. You do NOT have to complete the test all in one session! You are welcome to complete as much of the test as you’d like and then come back and complete the rest of the test during a future session. We also encourage individuals to update their results or re-take the test to see how they are improving.


See below for more information about the exercises that make up each individual pillar and The Simple-X test.

Getting Started

What do you need?

We’ve designed the Simple-X to use as minimal equipment as possible. All that you will need to complete the test is a hang board and a pull up bar!


What are the test drills?

  1. Max 2 Arm Dead Hang on Edges: 18mm, 14mm, 12mm, 10mm
  2. Front Lever (if you can)
  3. Max Knee Ups
  4. Max 1 Arm Hang on Edges: 55mm+, 33mm, 21mm, 15mm
  5. Max Push Ups
  6. Max Pull Ups
  7. Max One Leg Squat


Tell us about yourself?

First off, we need to know a little information about yourself. Your first/last name, weight, gender and email so we can send you your results. Next we will need to know what your primary style of climbing is?¬†Are you a sport climber or boulderer? We’ll want to know what grades you have climbed so we can compare your results against other climbers who have climbed in the same grade range, as well as the grade range above you.


Once you’ve filled those in, you’re ready to get started!

Pillar 1. Finger Strength

Two Hand Hang

Complete a time max hang on the following edge sizes 18mm, 14mm, 12mm & 10mm. This doesn’t have to be done all in one session. You can update the test over multiple sessions.

Pillar 2. Body Tension & Core Strength

Front Lever

Simply put, can you lever or can’t you? If you can, how long can you hold it for? Enter in your results and then you’re on to the next test.


Knee Ups

Time to work the core! How many continuous knee ups (that means NO hanging & resting between reps) can you do before failure?

Pillar 3. Shoulder Stability

One Arm Hang

Complete a max time hang on both the right and left arm, on the following edge sizes 55+mm, 33mm, 21mm & 15mm. Remember this doesn’t have to all be done in one session. You can update the test over multiple sessions.


Push Ups

This ones is pretty simple. Complete as many continuous push ups as you can. NO resting at the top or bottom of the push up.

Pillar 4. Pulling Strength

Pull Ups

Complete as many continuous pull ups as you can until failure. NO hanging and resting between reps.

Pillar 5. Leg Strength & Stability

Complete as any continuous single leg squats on both your right and left legs until failure. Only a couple more questions to go, but the hard work is done!

Pillar 6. Flexibility

Can you touch your toes while standing? How about while sitting? If you can’t, you might want to get on that.

Pillar 7. Cardio

Do you do any cardio training? If so, how much time per week?