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The Simple-X Test

A free test designed to isolate, identify and provide you with data that will help you better understand your strengths & weaknesses so you can train smarter and ultimately climb harder!

The Simple-X test was developed to help collect data on a wide range of climbers from around the world, compare their results to see their strengths & weaknesses and how those contribute to their climbing successes. As more climbers complete the test, you’ll be able see how your results compare to other climbers within the same grade range as you, as well as climber in the next grade range. This can help you tailor your training to improve your weaknesses and ultimately, climb stronger!

The Simple-X test is based on 7 pillars that all play keys roles in our climbing – Finger Strength, Body Tension & Core Strength, Shoulder Stability, Pulling Power, Leg Strength & Stability, Flexibility & Cardio. Take the test now and see how you rate against other climbers!


Results Are Live!

As more individuals complete the test, the comparison of your results against other climbers who have taken the test will change. Check back to see how your standings change. You may see an increase or decrease based on how the new data collected affects the test averages.


Updating Your Results

You do NOT have to complete all the exercises in the test in one session! Complete as much of the test as you would like and come back to finish the rest durning another session or over multiple sessions. We encourage climbers to update their results to see how they are improving over time.


Social Sharing

Help us grow the Simple-X test! Share with and challenge your friends to take the test. The more climbers we get to complete the test, the more accurate the data will become. Why is this important? We want to provide you with the best data to help you train smarter!

About Climb 5.13

Through our own passion for climbing, training, and our desire to help others get stronger, we have designed the Simple - X Test. We developed the test to collect data on a wide range of climbers around the world and compare their results to see their strengths & weakness and how those contribute to their climbing successes. Currently the data study is in its early stages, however as it grows, we hope to be able to provide climbers with accurate results that highlight their strengths and weakness, which they can then use to train better and reach their goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to get you climbing stronger! How? By collecting data from climbers around the world, analyzing that data and sharing it with you.

Why Take The Test

The Simple-X test covers seven basic fitness areas. These
‘pillars’ have proven to reveal some very interesting data points
that correlate well with actual climbing ability.

Social Sharing

The larger the data set we can collect the more interesting the
data becomes. So, go through it, see where you rank, and then
share your results with your friends.

Drop us a line today

Got questions about the Simple-X Test? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.